Wakaya Perfection Recorded Calls & Webinars
An Interview with Dave and Barb Pitcock by Andre Vaughn
The Mindset of a Network Marketer with Andre Vaughn
Planting the right seeds with Dave Pitcock
Find your Brazil with Kurt Venekamp
Making it through the jungle with Barb Pitcock
04/28/16 Bula Nutri Cap System with Rick Anson
04/27/16 Carubi Call
First BLITZ Call!

First BLITZ Call!

April 25, 2016
How do we decide who to work with by Blake Graham
The Ripple Effect with Barb Pitcock
How to use Blitz calls and 3 way calls to sponsor
Calcium Bentonite Clay Product Call
04/22/16 Product Call Blake Graham, David Smith, & Jamie Kidd (The Clay Girl)
The Storm is Over NOW with Andre Vaughn
It’s not just about the Money Maxandra Desroisers
The 5 Second Miracle with Dave Pitcock
Creating Ugency and Increasing Your Sponsoring Ratio
Wakaya Opportunity Call 4 15 2016
Its about the people with Blake Graham
Who do you associate with by Maxandra Desroisers
Who do you listen to…Leaders are always readers with Dave Pitcock
The Puzzle of Your Life with Barb Pitcock
04/13/16 Carubi Call
Todd Smith Launching Wakaya Perfection and the Wakaya Way
Wakaya Perfection Opportunity Call
Show the Plan and Why people Don’t Join
Your Guided Missile Saturday Call
Pick your Hard Live from Salt Lake Pre-Launch Saturday Call
Energy, Inviting and Plugging in Saturday Call
Burning the Ships and Having the Right Intention Saturday Call
Mindset of a Millionaire with Andre Vaughn
Special Guest Todd Smith on Saturday Call
The Power of Making a Decision with Barb Pitcock
Complacency is the Enemy of Achievement with Michael Bazemore
Building the Business with Blake Graham
Empowerment and the Spirit inside Me with Maxandra Desrosiers
I am the Greatest with Dave Pitcock
Stress Management with Andre Vaughn
How to be a Meeting Giver with Dave Pitcock, Kyle McGee and Kurt Venekamp
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Podbean.com - superior podcast hosting.

April 10, 2016

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04/06/16 Carubi Call