Wakaya Perfection Recorded Calls & Webinars
May 28 Saturday Training Knowing the Score and Promoting Events
05/26/16 Science of the Bula Bottle with Inventor Rick Anson, Jennifer Halliday, & Blake Graham
05/25/16 Carubi Call
8 Steps Step 8 Start the Training Process and Share the Training Process
8 Steps Step 7 Help the People You Sponsor
8 Steps Step 6 Follow up and Follow Through
8 Steps Step 5 Show the Plan and Share the Products
8 Steps Step 4 Make Some Committments
8 Steps Step 3 Make a Prospect List
8 Steps Step 2 Use the Products
8 Steps Step 1 Define Your Dream and Get a Burning Desire for its achievement
Eliminate Your Comfort Zone with Dave and Barb PItcock
05/19/16 Wakaya Essential Oil Training with Jennifer Halliday
05/18/16 Carubi Call
Telling YOUR Story and Overcoming all objections with it by Dave Pitcock
Paradise Party Call with Patti Gardner
The Power of Multi-level marketing with Andre Vaughn
I’m too busy…is that an excuse!  Maxandra Desroisers
Hot off the treadmill and focused with Barb Pitcock
Filling the Pipeline with Dave Pitcock
05/11/16 Carubi Call
Dave Pitcock Make them eat those words
Barb Pitcock Making Life work for you
Maxandra Desroisers Making the Sacrifice
Andre Vaughn My mind is playing tricks on me
Blake Graham Using the Tools
05/05/16 High Impact Wakaya Products with Jennifer Halliday
05/04/16 Carubi Call