Wakaya Perfection Recorded Calls & Webinars
06/30/16 The Amazing Calcium Bentonite Clay with Blake Graham
06/22/16 Carubi Call
06/29/16 Carubi Call
The Power of Edification and Breaking Ranks Saturday Training Call 6/25/2016
The ONE thing that holds people back with Barb Pitcock
The Power of Timing and Residual Income with Andre Vaughn
06/23/16 Make Your Home a Tropical Paradise with Jennifer Halliday
Blitz Call with Kurt Venekamp 6/22/16
06/22/16 Carubi Call
The 17 Million Dollar Question with Valerie Love 6/21/16
I see the Evidence!  What AM I Waiting On with Andre Vaughn 6/20/16
He Says, She Says, God Says with Maxandra Desroisers 6/17/16
Windows of Opportunity with Blake Graham 6/15/16
Getting it together, Together with Barb and Dave Pitcock 6/14/16
TIMING!  Maxandra, Dave, Barb and Andre Recap the Baltimore event 6/13/16
Don’t Go Back To Comfortable with Barb Pitcock 6/8/16
The Power of Starting Over with Maxandra Desroisers 6/7/16
Understanding the Pre Launch with Andre Vaughn 6/6/16
06/16/16 Bula NightCaps and ProCaps with Rick Anson and Blake Graham
06/15/16 Carubi Call
06/13/16 Pre-Launch Announcement Recap WEBINAR
06/08/16 Carubi Call
Meet President Bill Andreoli Up Close and Passionate Interview
Wakaya…What we have in our hands with Barb, Dave, Andre and Maxandra
Your First Night in Wakaya with Barb Pitcock
Change your Nervous Energy to Positive Energy with Dave Pitcock
How much Time do You have Left with Maxandra Desroisers
Fall in Love with Yourself with Andre Vaughn
How to Go Through Life with Maxandra Desroisers
What Network Marketing means to the World with Blake Graham
Going Through the Storms of Your Life with Barb PItcock
Stages of Possibilites with Andre Vaughn
Are you listening to Mr. Defeat or Mr. Victory with Dave Pitcock
A Powerful Life Changing Story with Valerie Love
Going through the fire and becoming REFINED with Blake Graham
Logic vs Emotion and why people make decisions to join you with Dave Pitcock
Why we Take Action with Maxandra Desroisers
Burdens vs the Blessings with Barb Pitcock
06/02/16 Bula Slim Caps Training with Rick Anson and Blake Graham
06/01/16 Carubi Call
06/01/16 Midnight Madness Call