Wakaya Perfection Recorded Calls & Webinars
07/28/16 The Amazing Science of Turmeric and Ginger
07/27/16 Carubi Call
07/26/16 Party Plan Call
Persistence wins over Talent with Dave Pitcock 7/26/16
Doing Business the Right Way with Blake Graham 7/25/16
The Power of Being an EAGLE with Valerie Love 7/22/16
Belief and Excitement are Contagious with Barb Pitcock 7/21/16
Power Statements and Why People Join You with Dave Pitcock 7/20/16
Why we have the BEST Company with Andre Vaughn 7/19/16
We are all ONE with Maxandra Desroisers
Everything Worthwhile is Uphill with Cynthia Sligh 7/15/16
07/26/16 Slim to Win Call
07/21/16 Wakaya’s Essential Oils Training with Essential Oils Expert Kim Ivey
07/20/16 Carubi Call
07/15/16 Paradise Promo Pack Extension
The Super Charge Step to Your Business with Dave Pitcock July 14 2016
Getting Passionate about Your Business with Blake Graham July 12 2016
Powerful Blitz Call with Dave Pitcock and Andre Vaughn July 14 2016
07/14/16 The Wakaya Slim to Win Challenge WEBINAR
07/13/16 Carubi Call
Blitz Call from Bootcamp July 9 2016
What Just Happened at Bootcamp with Andre Vaughn July 11 2016
07/07/16 Drink Away the Pounds this Summer with the Bula Slim Caps! with Rick Anson
Blitz Call with Dave Pitcock on July 7
Increasing Productivity with your Teams with Barb Pitcock July 7
The Expectation to Rank Up with Andre Vaughn July 5
Breaking the Cycle of Insanity with Maxandra Desroisers
07/16/16 Carubi Call
What Does FREEDOM Mean to You with Dave Pitcock 7/4/16
Almost Right and What’s RIGHT with Cynthia Sligh
How to Cheat Daily to Achieve Your Goals Faster with Dave Pitcock 7/2/16
Create Real Urgency and Take Action Saturday call with Wakaya Leaders 7/2/16
The Power of Wakaya Perfection with Andre Vaughn 7/1/16
You get out what you put in with Maxandra Desroisers 6/30/16
Amazing is right in front of you with Barb Pitcock 6/29/16
What is Duplication with Blake Graham 6/28/16
07/01/16 Independence Day Call